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SheSays NY at Cuban Council

By Toke Nygaard at 9:19 AM

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We are happy to host the next SheSays event in New York at our Cubana Council NYC offices. The speaker will be Taren Sterry - writer, performer and improv teacher - http://www.tarensterry.com plus 3 "super women" will be hanging around as well.

September 30, 2010, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Please check out SheSays for more info.


Storytelling for UX

By Derek Monteverdi at 5:09 PM

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If you're frequently challenged to use persuasion to sell ideas or services to clients or colleagues then you may want to read Storytelling for User Experience by Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks.  Whitney was the guest speaker at the NYC UPA's most recent meeting on Tuesday night. 



Help Packaging

By mehera o'brien at 10:17 PM

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Help_Packaging For years, before 'interaction designer' was a job I knew about, I wanted to be a number of different things. Museum exhibition designer, photographer, marine biologist (I know, strange one, but now I'm an avid scuba diver). And package designer. 

I remember coming across this packaging awhile back and being absolutely enamored with it. It reminded me of the many careers I fantasized about when I was younger. Then I forgot about it. 

My colleague Mariana brought this packaging into the office as inspiration for a project we were doing in the medicine category earlier this year. 

AIGA is hosting one of their ever fabulous Design Thinking events in New York tomorrow night with Richard Fine from Help Remedies. I only signed up today (been a bit snowed under with the new job) so space is probably still available. $26 for non-members. Even cheaper for members. The AKQA Experience Design team and I are having a reunion there tomorrow night, for anyone interested in saying hi. 

More information about the event

Registration for the event


Content Strategy for the Web

By Derek Monteverdi at 4:49 PM

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Content_strategy The NYC UX Book Club just announced that they'll be discussing Kristina Halvorson's Content Strategy for the Web during their next meeting.  I took a break from reading this book when the summer began so I've got a great reason to pick it up again.

Event Info:

    Thursday, October 14th


    625 Avenue of the Americas 4th Fl

    (6th Ave between 18th and 19th)

    6:30PM - 9:30PM

If you're nowhere near NYC (or just busy that night) then you can watch a recording of Jared Spool's interview with Kristina during last month's inaugural UIE Book Club at http://5by5.tv/uiebookclub/1.

Visit the NYC UX Book Club on Facebook for more info about the event.


SheSays at WK

By mehera o'brien at 12:04 AM

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Shesaysjuly2010Another SheSays coming up this week. I'm looking forward to hearing Amee Shah speak. Someone told me I should meet her as we'd have a lot in common, and then I randomly met her at the CaT Conference. She's a CD at BBH who took a sabbatical so she could spend 3 months each at different companies learning what they do and gaining a new perspective on the business. She is a super senior woman who basically showed up as an intern, willing to work on anything they asked for the chance to just absorb the work culture for awhile. Pretty brave, and pretty exciting. I'm hoping she'll be talking about her adventures this week so I can blog about it more.

Free to attend, but requires advance sign up. If you're a lady in the business and you're free this Thursday, stop by. Wieden+Kennedy on Varick St.


Gain Conference - AIGA

By mehera o'brien at 1:08 PM

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OK, ok, I'll stop posting events soon. There are just so many things happening in the world of design and business all over the world that I can't help but share a few. I'm not posting alerts to basics like the IA Summit, which I think most people know. And I'm avoiding all the major advertising awards shows, because they tend to not legitimize the role of UX in a way I would find appropriate. But here's one more event I wouldn't mind attending. Mostly because I think Paola Antonelli is pretty badass. 

If I had time to go to Rome...

By mehera o'brien at 12:51 PM

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I'd check this out: Frontiers of Interaction 2010. Perhaps because it's located in one of my favorite cities in Europe. But also because it's part business, part art, part modern day cultural anthropology. And doesn't all of that make for a strong interaction designer? If anyone out there goes, or know someone who does, let me know. I'd love to get a report for F+S. 

Internet Week

By mehera o'brien at 12:21 PM

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June 7-14 in New York


Heading to the Friday morning Hot & Bothered panel discussion at Trump Hotel regarding gender ratios in the industry. Don't have time, but wouldn't mind also attending: http://www.creativitycat.com/



By mehera o'brien at 5:44 PM

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Oneshow Been a pretty amazing week. Starting with an awesome turn out to SheSays Tuesday night – thanks for hosting LBi – followed by two days of meeting new people, seeing old friends, validating ideas I ponder in the back of my head and discovering new ones. I'll update more details over the next few days, but I highly recommend anyone attending next year's unConference. Well done, One Show! 


She Says Revision

By mehera o'brien at 9:18 AM

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Turns out because it's Creative Week here in NYC, gentlemen _are_ actually invited to this month's She Says event. Tonight at LBi at 7pm. I'll be speaking with two other women about future job opportunities. 



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