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Storytelling for UX

By Derek Monteverdi at 5:09 PM

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If you're frequently challenged to use persuasion to sell ideas or services to clients or colleagues then you may want to read Storytelling for User Experience by Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks.  Whitney was the guest speaker at the NYC UPA's most recent meeting on Tuesday night. 



Content Strategy for the Web

By Derek Monteverdi at 4:49 PM

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Content_strategy The NYC UX Book Club just announced that they'll be discussing Kristina Halvorson's Content Strategy for the Web during their next meeting.  I took a break from reading this book when the summer began so I've got a great reason to pick it up again.

Event Info:

    Thursday, October 14th


    625 Avenue of the Americas 4th Fl

    (6th Ave between 18th and 19th)

    6:30PM - 9:30PM

If you're nowhere near NYC (or just busy that night) then you can watch a recording of Jared Spool's interview with Kristina during last month's inaugural UIE Book Club at http://5by5.tv/uiebookclub/1.

Visit the NYC UX Book Club on Facebook for more info about the event.


I wish I worked there

By Cecilia Brenner at 9:54 AM

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Ever wanted to look inside the most creative spaces in business? Well, now it is your chance to go behind the scenes of 20 famous brands, such as Nike, Lego, Virgin,...and Philips Design, who places innovation and creativity at the heart of their working culture, demonstrating how they have used their own unique creativity to design stimulating places to work at.   



Getting out of the box

By Cecilia Brenner at 12:07 PM

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GettingOutOfTheBox Who would have thought that my first addition to F + S would be about a book I’ve read a while ago…but here’s the thing… this book made me think and it might make you think, if you let it.


As many of us, you might think you are a people person. But are you really having the right effect on those around you? Or are your undermining your own success - and others?

Be prepared to step out of your box and open your eyes to a whole new way of living and working.


Mad Libs Style Forms

By mehera o'brien at 4:23 PM

Categories: Books, Interaction / Visual Design


So a few weeks ago Wiley (interaction designer at work) raved about a book she'd recently bought. A client then sent a link to us about the same topic. And just now one of our planners sent it to another project team. What's all the fuss? A small innovation in form design, with great impact. Read the article here, or buy the book for your own library. (Seeing as tax season is in full swing, my accountant would probably remind you that, if you're a professional in the field, this is a tax-deductible expense, so save your receipt.) 

Oddly enough, I designed a similar form for a back-end system while at Framfab London in 2005. It was a sentence with two drop down fields embedded within. It was the only way I could simplify the options and make the choices clearly understood to the user. My lead Interaction Designer loved it, the form got approved quickly by the client and, until now, it never occurred to me to do it again. 



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