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The Brilliance of Edward Tufte Taken to a New Level

By Catherine Nygaard at 10:21 PM

Categories: Current Affairs, Interaction / Visual Design

In lieu of the spectrum of user experience and the endless opportunities for User Experience Design -  Edward Tufte will now be serving on the Recovery Independent Advisory Panel. The Panel advises The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, whose job is to track and explain $787 billion in recovery stimulus funds.

Might start paying more attention to RECOVERY.gov, to see how much it changes over time considering it's chock full of interactive infographics that currently help to communicate stimulus-tracking.


Internet a Fundamental Right?

By mehera o'brien at 11:15 AM

Categories: Current Affairs, Web/Tech

According to a BBC News survey, it is. And I'd agree. 

This morning as I listened to the BBC while getting ready for work, they talked about a small village in Africa that is completely cut off from the information superhighway, a term I hadn't heard in awhile. The news reporter made a comment asking viewers to remember the first time we got email, which brought me back to my Cornell University email account. It was 1994. Everyone knew everyone else by their 'netID'. Mine was (and still is) mjo5. My friend Karen - kkw24. Liz - eah8. I'd taken a Pascal programming class in high school, having no concept of where programming skills could ever take me. Same with my numerous art classes. Little did I know that technology and graphic design and concept formation would be the basis of my paycheck years later. 

I remembered all this as I got ready for work, and thought about how the web, especially social media and its grassroots fueling of everything important to me in today's digital age, has built who I am. From what I do for a living to who I am a a person. The thought of not having these things is, quite frankly, heart breaking. And leaves me wondering how different my life would be. 

I'm hoping the internet-connected mobile phones the news report was talking about make it to the village. I'd surely be willing to pay for one. Just send me the donation link. 



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