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Interactive Projection Screens? Yes!

By mehera o'brien on July 15, 2010

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My other favorite from the CaT conference last month was Theo Watson. And ironically, Theo was one of several speakers in the opening panel discussion. He spoke for about 10 minutes and rushed through his work so we could get a flavor for what he did. Yet, I could have listened to him talk pretty much all day. For me, this was one of the most innovative speakers at the conference. I'd kill for a single project like his!

Boston-based (with a studio in Amsterdam as well), Theo and his wife/creative partner work on interactive projection software projects.

He talked about a project called the Eyewriter, in which a famous, LA-based graffiti artist who is bed-ridden creates digital graffiti with his eyes via custom-designed software. His designs are then projected on buildings. He's even selling his work, which funds his medical care. 

Theo also did a project called Funky Forest, which is on display at a kids cafe/play center in New York. Standing in front of the screen, children strike a pose to create a digital tree illustration. Then their tree grows and blooms and the children are called upon to nourish their tree, feeding it water and understanding what it takes for nature to survive.

And then they did this awesome project in Rotterdam (where I lived for a few years) called Laser Tag. Which allows users to write a message that is displayed on a building. I can't even do it justice in my write up.

Compelling technology, gorgeous visual design and a certain do-gooder underpinning drive Theo's work. My colleague Kaare and I spoke to him for awhile, asking him if he'd stop by the office to talk to our crew, and on top of being brilliant, he's modest, sweet and even a bit shy.

Check out his work here: http://www.theowatson.com/



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