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What do UX Desigers do?

By mehera o'brien on March 09, 2010

Categories: Interaction / Visual Design

Well, that depends. Here's an older chart that I love. In a lot of my initial mentorship meetings, people ask me what it is I do. But I'm a ux designer and creative director at an agency, which is only one perspective on the job. I think the wiser question is: what do I do in the greater context of other ux careers out there? 

I met with someone about two years ago that would have been a poor fit for agency life. But he had a lot of experience interviewing people and doing research. And he'd worked for a number of interesting government organizations (and the govt could use some ux help, generally speaking). We worked on how to reposition his resume so it contained keywords that HR departments and Recruiters look for when hiring ux people, but we positioned it in a way that was right for him. Just remember that agency life isn't the only path. In fact, it's often a grueling one. It can be really fun, and at times exciting, but there are lots of job options out there.

Finally, I think this chart is also a good reminder for hiring managers that not all ux designers have the same skill sets. We need to be considered for our merits, of course, but also for how well we fit into the organization's own perspective and structure around user experience. I've found over the years that understanding the company's philosophy around this design discipline is key to whether or not I'd be a good cultural fit as well. 



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